Fees Guide January 2022

Routine Examination £50
Routine Examination with scale if clinically necessary £60
0-12 year old Examination £15
12-18 year old Examination £30
 Hygiene Appointment                       £65
 Intra Oral X-rays £10
 OPG Scan £60
 CBCT Scan £110
 Composite Filling From £120
 Amalgam Filling From £90
 Glass Ionomer Filling From £85
 Glass Ionomer Temp Filling From £60
 Metal CrownsFrom £500
 Tooth Coloured CrownsFrom  £650
 Zirconia CrownsFrom £680
 Denture – PartialFrom  £400
 Denture – Full or LowerFrom  £600
 Denture FullFrom £950
 Denture (metal) per archFrom £900
 Extraction SimpleFrom £110
 Extraction MolarFrom £120
 Extraction ComplexFrom £180
 Extraction Wisdom SimpleFrom £135
 Extraction of tooth surgically with drillFrom £260
 ApicectomyFrom £400
 RCT IncisorFrom £300
 RCT PremolarFrom £380
 RCT MolarFrom £490
 RCT ComplexReferral to specialist or dentist with special interest
 Sports Guard BasicFrom £120
 Sports Guard PremiumFrom £180
 Night GuardFrom £130
 Emergency Consultation for New PatientFrom £70
 Emergency Consultation for Regular PatientsFrom £55
 Sedation From £350
Initial Implant Assessment Free
 Implant single tooth From £2345
   Implant two teethFrom £4500
 Implant Support Denture From £9000
 Full Arch – Lower From £14000
 Full Arch – Upper From £15000
Invisalign From £3000
 Tooth Whitening From £325

NHS Fee Guide as of 1st Jan 2021

We will provide you with a written individual treatment plan and transparent, written treatment costs. NHS treatment is categorised into three bands. Charges apply to courses of treatment rather than each individual item or visit. Additional treatment is provided cost free if it is in the same band (or less) and within two months of completing a course of treatment.

For non-exempt / paying NHS patients:

URGENT : £23.80 Treatment deemed necessary to alleviate toothache when not under a course of treatment.

BAND ONE : £23.80 Dental examination, x-rays if needed, scale and polish if deemed clinically necessary by dentist, oral healthcare and prevention advice. Some fissure sealants. All items to diagnose and prevent decay.

BAND TWO : £65.20 All band one items PLUS fillings, root canals, tooth extractions, wisdom tooth extractions.

BAND THREE : £282.80 All bands one and two plus any laboratory work eg crown, bridge, inlay, dentures, Some treatments of missing teeth.

You may be exempt from your dental charges if either you or your partner, receive either:

  • Income Support
  • Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance, or
  • Guarantee Pension Credit, or
  • You are entitled to, or named on, a valid NHS tax credit exemption certificate, or
  • You are named on a valid HC2 certificate.

Partial help : If you hold a valid HC3 certificate, you might get some help towards the cost of your NHS dental treatment. The certificate tells you how much you will have to pay
Further help and advice with who is entitled to free dental treatment

Dental implants, Tooth Whitening, Cosmetic dentistry.