Julia is a hygienist from the famous Fresh Breath Centre in London’s West End and has helped treat people suffering from halitosis by

analysis of their dental plaque microscopically (This is called Microplane analysis. we have a microscope which we use to look at a sample of the patient’s plaque. it is connected to a screen and you can see the aggressive bacteria as they attach the white blood cells. It is quite fascinating. You should come and see it for yourself). Julia is happy to see patients early morning, lunchtimes and after work up till 7 pm.

The hygienist fee is £65 for a half-hour session, £90 for 45 mins and £120 if a full hour is required. Our hygienist sees the patient, assesses the oral hygiene situation, plaque, tartar, periodontal disease, bleeding, mobility, halitosis, etc, does a full cleaning and deep cleaning if necessary, and gives extensive instruction into the diet, home care, brushing and flossing technique, etc. She also checks the mouth for other signs of pathology and will alert the patient to see their dentist (even if they are registered elsewhere) if she sees a problem. Very good value for money.
You can now book an appointment with our hygienist directly. To find out more, please call our friendly team.